Business Card Exchange

Business Card Exchange

Business card is called “meishi” in Japanese. Exchanging of business is an essential part of doing business in the world, yet nowhere is this business etiquette more important than in Japan.
If you work in Japan or work for Japanese company in Malaysia, you get a chance to practice this protocol almost daily.
Herewith I go over the process of exchanging business cards.

1) Have business card holder before exchanging of the cards

For keeping business card safe, it is a good idea to have a business card holder.  Additionally, using a pocket or wallet is considered rude in Japan.
Have business card holder before exchanging of the cards

2) Prepare the number of cards as much as you can

You’ve never known how many person you will met.  It is a smart way to prepare the number of cars as much as you can put in the card holder.

3) Offer your card to the other and give a brief self-introduction

Offer your card using both hands. Make sure your card is facing towards the receiver so that he/she can read the text. If you have a Japanese-English bilingual card, ensure the correct language of the receiver is facing up.
Then, give a brief self-introduction as below;
Hajimemashite. ABC Corporation no xxx to moushimasu.
(Hello. My name is xxxx, from xxxx Corporation.)

4) Receive the other person’s card

When receiving the other person’s card, say “thank you for the card”.  If you are not sure how to address his/her name, confirm his/her name. 
Chodai itashimasu. Xxx san desune? Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.
(Thank you. (How I address your name?)  Mr, XXX, it’s nice meeting you)

5) Place cards on top of the cardholder or on the table in the seating order

Once receive the card, do not put in the cardholder straight away.  place it on top of the cardholder on the table during a meeting.
If receiving several cards, you should arrange them left to right on the table in the order of seating. The purpose of this is to learn the names of the people you are speaking to. Once a meeting finish, place card(s) in the cardholder.