Japanese Characteristics

Japanese Characteristics

If we have a chance to ask non-Japanese about Japanese characteristics, most of them say;
Serious, on time, polite, etc.

Herewith top 7 words to describe Japanese people.

  • Serious
  • Punctual
  • Grouping
  • Polite
  • Keep promises
  • Not easily express what they are thinking
  • Clean

1. Serious (Hard-working)

Japanese stay late if their boss ask them to finish up work by the end of the day even they have an appointment on the day. 
A hard-worker is a common word that describes a Japanese mindset.

2. Punctual

Japanese is punctual and takes time management very seriously.  Even trains and subways are incredibly punctual schedules.
If you are late for meetings or appointments, you won’t be trusted.

3. Grouping

Japanese tends to prefer group activities.
After work, they normally go out for drinks with colleagues.  
Also they would rather share ideas with their friends/colleagues and make a group decision.
This mindset/behaviour was formed because Japan is an island country with few resources.

4. Polite

A refined manner or politeness is very important in Japan.  Politeness can also be synonymous with respectful.  Generally speaking, Japanese people respect people, especially, person older than you. 

5. Keep promises

For Japanese people, promises have very important meanings.  If they promise with somebody, they try not to break the promise and not to let him disappoint.

6. Not easily express what they are thinking

Japanese people tends to be reserved in order to get along with people.  Many Japanese people avoid to say something different from others and they don’t tell what they have in mind because they don’t know if other people think the same.

7. Clean

Foreign visitors to Japan notice how clean everywhere is. People seldom throw trash on the ground and Japanese students clean their schools by themselves.
Clean desk