Rules to be followed as a working professional

Rules to be followed as a working professional

1. Comply with regulations

The very important things to live in Japan is to comply with Japanese regulations and not to cause trouble to people around. If you work for the company, you need to comply with company regulations as well.

2. Punctual

“Be punctual” is the important thing in Japan too.  If you are late for meetings/presentations with clients, you might loose potential business opportunities.  To be punctual, please keep in mind followings;
a. Plan schedules
b. Arrive earlier at the destination

3. Keep promises

– If you make a promise to finish your work by when(date), you have to finish work by that day.
– If you make a promise to deliver the product by when (time & date), you have to deliver the product by that day
– If you won’t be able to make it on time due to an accident or sick, you should inform others the reason.

4. Consideration of others is a virtue

No one is an island.  If your colleague has a problem, listen to what they are saying, help them if someone’s work is delayed.

5. Listen carefully to others

You should listen carefully to what someone are saying.  If you are not sure what they are saying, ask them.

6. Value teamwork

Japanese people value teamwork.
If someone’s work is behind schedule, help them.  If problem(s) arise, seek an advice and sort the issue out together.
My task goes smoothly and I do not have to care if my colleagues fall behind in their work – these attitudes are not acceptable in Japanese society.