Japanese Speaking Animation Project Manager – Shah Alam (Ref ID: 11386)

Japanese Speaker
5 Days Work
Basic Salary
RM4,500 - 6,500
Selangor, Shah Alam
Working Hours
Monday - Friday 10:00am - 19:00pm
English, Japanese
Job Description

∙ Gets to know all members of a team or project, including their strengths, weakness, and areas of expertise. Keeping in close contact with key project members and decision makers.
∙ Ensuring that relevant management information is captured and analyzed, track, analyze and communicate project risks and opportunities.
∙ Involved in Coordinating projects from inception to completion.
∙ Assigns various tasks to team members that relate to the completion of a specific project.
∙ Designs an overall schedule for a project and makes necessary adjustments if and when problems arise.
∙ Coaches or coordinating team members on how best to accomplish their goals
∙ Motivates others and builds enthusiasm for a project by keeping focused on its main objectives and the rewards for completion.
∙ Keeps upper management in the loop by preparing project updates and presentations that showcase a project’s value and status. Generally, are in tracking and reporting project progress & result.
∙ Stays familiar with company’s policies and goals and works to make sure that all members of a project team adhere to set standards.
∙ Resolving any budget queries that are raised, including timely communication if extra budget is needed and increase the potential for profits.
∙ Developing training and briefing material for staff, directing and participate in team’s performance reviews.
∙ Directing Quality Assurance
∙ Participates in educational opportunities to stay up to date on leadership techniques and industry standards.
∙ Reads professional publications to keep up with changes in the business world.
∙ To translate & interpret work(s), documentation(s) such as brief(s), feedback(s), email(s) on related asset(s) from Japanese/English – English/Japanese in a timely manner.
∙ To cooperate with the production team on delivering the feedback(s) & documented translation correctly.
∙ Provision of Japanese to English translation with high degree of accuracy and consistency.
∙ Required to handle large volume of translation work and complete the given task within the stipulated timeframe.
∙ Participate in meeting(s) and ensure smooth communication between client(s) and the company
∙ Coordinate regularly with your supervisor and project team on translation work(s).
∙ To perform other dutie(s) as and when assigned and necessary.


∙ Diploma & above
∙ At least 3 years working experience (holding managerial position in gaming/animation industry)
∙ Proficiency in Japanese with JLPT N1
∙ Excellent understanding of production methodologies and best practices, with specific experience in linear, design, social, print and digital production
∙ Exceptional organizational & communication skills
∙ Strong leadership and negotiation skills
∙ Able to work well under pressure
∙ Ability to manage many tasks concurrently
∙ Accurate, detail and deadline oriented
∙ Articulate, flexible, collaborative, and approachable
∙ Ability to assume accountability

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Japanese Speaking Animation Project Manager – Shah Alam (Ref ID: 11386)





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