2022.08.26 Update

Japanese Speaking Medical Interpreter – KL (Ref ID: 11505)

IndustryMedical & Healthcare
Basic SalaryRM6,500 (Max)
LocationKuala Lumpur
Working Hours

Monday - Sunday 9am - 6pm
※8 days off in a month

Job Description

・Help facilitate successful delivery of translation services to patients and physicians / nurse.
・She is responsible for communicating the physician’s diagnosis, treatment plan and advice with the patient during physical examination.
・Transmit information accurately and completely
・Convey complex ideas simply so that the lay person can understand.
・Perform consecutive interpreting.
・Begin interpreting after the speaker has completed a group of words or sentences.
・Take notes while listening to the speaker before presenting the interpretation.
・Serve as a cultural and linguistic resource to both patients and the physicians or providers.
・Be aware of cultural sensitivity issues, and ensure patient – physician confidentiality.
・Maintain patient’s privacy when called upon to convey personal information.
・Perform written translation as required in patient encounters, such as filling out forms, and medical instructions and medication schedules, administrative translation, such as letters to patients, documents and patient materials including medical reports.


・Minimum education, SPM and /or Diploma in related job scope
・At least 2 years working experience in customer service industry, or medical clinic setting is an asset.
・Fluency in spoken and written Japanese language as well as fluency in English and Malay.
・Excellent customer service skills
・Strong communication skills and awareness in cultural diversities.
・Good interpersonal skills, relate and communicate positively, effectively and professionally with patients, doctors and colleagues

Japanese, English
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Japanese Speaking Medical Interpreter – KL (Ref ID: 11505)

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