2022.10.12 Update

Production Engineering AM/Manager – Melaka (Ref ID: 11629)

Basic SalaryRM6,000
Working Hours

Monday - Friday , 8:30am - 5:30pm

Job Description

・Monitors operations of plant equipment, utilities and systems.
・Upkeep equipment / machineries in optimum and systems constantly, to minimize unplanned downtime, anticipate solve problems in a timely manner, and to identify opportunities for improvement.
・Communicate regularly with superior on on-going job relating matters / issues and reporting to them immediately should there be any abnormal situations arises.
・Job organizing and planning for Production Engineering Staff. This includes planning, assign, organize for daily task and supervise.
・Communicates regularly with all maintenance technicians, both individually and as a group, to ensure good two-way communication concerning maintenance issues.
・Direct, maintain and enforce the safety programs for maintenance department, review safety record to uphold standards of maximum safety for all maintenance technicians.
・Plan maintenance schedule for all machine in the plant. Ensure that the preventive maintenance is carried out strictly as scheduled.
・Coordinates activities with Plant Operation Departments.
・To assist the management in the development of the FSMS plan and to validate the effectiveness of the established plan.
・To maintain and review the FSMS plan.
・Oversee repair of damaged machineries.
・Ensures that maintenance technicians are adequately trained, equipped and motivates so that the maintenance program can be accomplished in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.
・Ensures that all maintenance technicians are trained on the most updated version of the operating procedures.


・Degree in Engineering
・Around 5 years in Production Engineering Managerial experience
・Be able to work in high places more than 20 feet

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Production Engineering AM/Manager – Melaka (Ref ID: 11629)

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