2021.10.02 Update

Quality Development and Improvement – Bintulu

Basic SalaryRM2,000 + 630 (OT)
Working Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm (OT + Saturday base on requirement as OT )
If worker stay company hostel , shuttle bus depart at 6:30am (40min to factory)    

Job Description

・Ensure all products consistently meet and pass set quality standards
・Analyze current quality assessment techniques for inconsistencies and redundancy
・Create and implement changes to improve current processes and reduce costs
・Train production line staff in proper production practices and basic quality assessment
・Follow products through the entirety of process to ensure each step is completed correctly
・Perform detailed inspections of final products and confirm they are up to standards
・Eliminate products not up to standards and seek root cause of the problem
・Manage and supervise workers in quality assessment tasks
・Perform frequent inspections and audits of work processes, including safety
・Monitor production and quality processes and troubleshoot any errors
・Educate staff in proper disposal of items not suitable for use
・Research and gather client and customer feedback for ways to improve products
・Communicate with suppliers and vendors to obtain raw materials and/or equipment
・Examine raw materials to confirm correct specifications and established standards
・Collaborate with management and line production staff to achieve most efficient and accurate quality assessments
・Track, record, and maintain quality assurance data
・Present progress reports to upper management
・Follow and adhere to all state, federal and company enforced safety rules and regulations
・Make safety a priority at all times


・Diploma & Degree related with Chemical engineering
・Fresh graduate is welcome to apply

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Quality Development and Improvement – Bintulu

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