2020.02.03 Update
Project Manager – Subang Jaya
IndustryCivil Engineering / Architecture
Basic SalaryRM6,000
LocationSubang Jaya
Working Hours


Job Description

・Collaborate with customer to outline the Project/needs/requirements.
・Scope of supply are generally in relates to local or oversea power plant construction project (involved either fabrication, machining, installation, or trading work)
・To work with architects, engineers, and clients to determine the specifications of a project and plan the construction operations and schedule each phase of the timescale to make sure the project is completed to the set deadline.
・Negotiate Contracts and provide quotation to customer base on internal costing
・Negotiating/Source for external vendors.
・Amend the contract where they can to reach a profitable agreement that all parties are satisfied with and one that works within the set budget.
・Obtained necessary permits and licenses from authorities to ensure the project meets regulations. (minor scope)
・Determine Necessary Resources or vendor for the project/quote.
・Able to determine the resources required for each aspect of the project, such as equipment needed, materials, and labor, assessing each of these for budget limitations.


・Degree or equivalent. Preferably engineering project management background.
・Well exposed to Japanese working culture or work experience.
・Ability to maintain confidentiality and professionalism at all time
・Must possess with good Negotiation Skills , Time Management, Leadership Skills, Problem-Solving Abilities & Communication Skills
・Excellent ability to organize and coordinate tasks

Chinese, English
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Project Manager – Subang Jaya

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