2021.12.22 Update

QC Officer – Kedah

Basic SalaryRM3,200 - 4,500
Working Hours

Monday –Thursday 7:45 am - 5:15pm
Friday 7:45 am – 6:00pm(1:30 break time)

Job Description

・Manage entire process
・Manage production to achieve plan and NG percentage rate
・Advide staff and task arrangement
・Responsible for performance of QCD in section
・Manage section discipline, SOP, etc
・Check /guide staff situation
・Ensure staff understanding
・Decrease abnormalities occurance
・Cut down stop time of production line
・Handling necessary improvement/ treatment for trouble items , production quality
・Understanding abnormality content, handling permanent measure study and implementation
・Analysis in process failure and countermeasure
・Manage staff overtime
・Check production data, report,PMS, data entry , etc


・Involved with production line and manpower arrangement
・Good in problem solving skill
・Able to make decision making
・Can work together in a group and have strong management leadership
・Strong management leadership
・Able to use 7QC tools
・Familiar with 5W1H or 5WHY analysis or PDCA concept
・Handling improvement items / kaizen /etc
・Proactive and creative thinking
・Punctuality and able to work overtime

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QC Officer – Kedah

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