Customs Declaration – Shah Alam (Ref ID: 11600)
RM 2,500 - 3,500
Shah Alam

・To ensure complete receipt of documents prior to custom declaration
・To ensure accuracy of all data entry
・To ensure accuracy of duty calculation
・Liaise with the internal department to ensure shipments are being handled promptly and delivered on-time.
・Undertake any other duties assigned by superior from time to time.

Air Freight Executive – Penang (Ref ID: 11602)
RM 2,500 - 3,500
Penang Island

・Export and import handling
・Customs clearing
・Air transport and delivery
・Preparing shipping documents , AWB up to billing.
・Repairing or improvising to ensure the cargo arrives at its destination
・Maintaining a structured and standardized network of commercial and operational agreements
・Handling claims on behalf of the customer (as applicable)

Purchasing Executive – PJ (Ref ID: 11569)
RM 3,000 - 3,500
Petaling Jaya

・To compile customers’ delivery instruction.
・To prepare delivery instruction to warehouse.
・To monitor shipment from warehouse to customers.
・To collect shipping document from vendors.
・To provide delivery information to customer as for customer to apply custom clearance.
・Provide custom document to forwarding and haulage company, and monitor shipment movement.
・Prepare Direct Selling Expenses for payment purpose.
・Delivery control (delivery adjustment with vendors)
・Quality issue coordination.

Medical Scientific Liaison – PJ (Ref ID: 11573)
RM 6,000 - 7,000
Petaling Jaya

・To support Medical Affairs Manager on aspects of Scientific and Medical Affairs.
・Train the medical, marketing and sales teams on the disease background and pharmaceutical and clinical data of the products.
・Provide scientific & medical support on product promotion activities, including material development such as Guidelines, Pamphlets, Brochures, Q&A and etc., advertising messages, CMEs and relationship building activities, directed to healthcare professionals, patients and lay public and ensure that all of these comply with legal, local regulatory, industry and corporate guidelines & Code of Ethics.
・Monitor and challenged unfounded and misleading promotional claims and unethical programs by competitors to ensure fair marketing promotions.
・Provide scientific information and documents required by health authorities in order to facilitate approval of product registration.
・Provide response to queries or complaints from health authorities, healthcare professionals and the lay public on the company products.
・Collaborate with physicians on medical affairs initiatives including publications, advisory boards, medical education opportunities, training, and speaker development
・Support the medical community with up-to-date medical information, robust disease expertise, and product information

Forwarding Assistant / Officer – Shah Alam (Ref ID: 11430)
RM 2,500 - 3,500
Shah Alam

・Open jobs in the System and Coordination with liners and preparing documents require
・Coordinate with other department to complete jobs
・Execute and handling import export Customs clearance documentation using the EDI data entry (K1,K2, K3, K8, K9, DG, ZB and FSPG).
・Assist the Manager related to other issues such as HS Code, duty, tax computation and exemption, DG, ZB, BG drawback, COO and import-export temporary procedures ATA, Carnet, BG and etc.
・To in-charge the documentation and operation process to comply with the Customs and other current regulations for smooth cargo clearance
・Ensure no wrong declaration to prevent penalty or compound
・Ensure all shipment smoothly deliver to customer place without extra charges incur
・Prepare report for clients as required
・Ensure task to be completed as scheduled in order to achieve the KPI and minimal overtime for work-life balance.