About AN Asia
AN Asia is a recruitment agency that was established in 2016 by both a Malaysian and a Japanese who have gained immeasurable regional knowledge and local market experience respectively. Our founders greatly value the Malaysian and Japanese cultures, hence why they have established the company with the aim to provide a service that allows for Japanese and Malaysian jobseekers and organizations to cultivate connections in the most ideal way. We aim to support the endeavours of fellow jobseekers and companies by utilizing both founders’ personal connections, and pairing that with our career consultant’s experience in our mission to find a solution.
Director's Message
We will assist you to find the right position or candidate that best fulfills you requirement.
I had the opportunity to meet different kinds of people during my 15 years in Japan. During that time, I realised that it is not easy to have people of various cultures and races who speak in different languages to work under the same roof. With that in mind, I have established AN Asia as a means to bridge and intertwine the Japanese and Malaysian cultures by utilizing a Japanese-speakers network, all founded through a Malaysia-Japan study abroad reunion that I formed in 2010.
Alvin NG
AN Asia Founder
Director's Message
We provide the best solutions to problems that many companies and job seekers have faced.
During my time of working on some business in Malaysia, I realised that many managements have faced many issues due to high career mobility. One might ask, ‘why is the career mobility so high?’ As such, it can be attributed to a mismatch of jobs in the current market coupled with lack of communication. Therefore, we started AN Asia with a focus on searching for a candidate that fits the job. On top of that, we also offer Japa Business Ability Qualification Exam (JBAA) for fellow job seekers to have an opportunity to learn about Japanese business etiquette and culture. We believe the JPAA program will allow for both the employers and job seekers to better understand each other, and serve as a useful way to resolve any issues that may arise. At AN Asia, we are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals, and we aim to use our tools and resources to help both employers and job seekers in searching for the right people to best match the position in your company.
Noritaka Araki
AN Asia Director
Company Information
AN Asia Office
Agensi Pekerjaan AN Asia Sdn Bhd (1209841-U) JTKSM 398A
  • Description of business: Recruitment agency
  • Established: November 2016
  • Director: Alvin Ng Chee Hock / Noritaka Araki
  • Address: B-9-2(A), Level 9, Block B, Northpoint Offices, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Phone in Malaysia: 03-2775 2468
  • International Phone: (+60)3-2775 2468